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UK to double renewables capacity eligible for next subsidy auctions

The next allocation round for renewable energy technologies such as offshore wind will open late next year

read more... 24/11/2020


EU raises offshore wind target to 300GW by 2050

The EU has increased its offshore wind capacity target to 300GW by 2050, today's European offshore renewable energy strategy presented by the European Commission shows.

read more... 20/11/2020


France’s ambitious offshore strategy faces obstacles

As the European Commission prepares to publish its offshore renewable energy strategy, France’s wind farm projects – already delayed compared to its European neighbours – face opposition from fishermen already operating in difficult maritime environments because of Brexit.

read more... 19/11/2020


EU to set 2050 offshore wind target at 300 GW, ocean energies at 60 GW?

Rumour has it that the European Commission is considering a massive increase in installed offshore renewable energy capacity by 2050, with as much as 300 GW of offshore wind, and 60 GW of ocean energies to be in place by that time.

read more... 17/11/2020


First ever V164-9.5 MW wind turbine installed on a floating wind energy project

MHI Vestas has now installed the first V164 9.5 MW wind turbine, the most powerful wind turbine in use at a floating wind power plant, at the installation harbour for the Kincardine floating offshore wind farm.

read more... 12/11/2020