Daily (08.06.2018): UK gas price for July 2018 delivery rose 2.3% on Thursday due to an undersupplied system

08/06/2018 15:01 Daily


Brent crude increased by 2.6% to close at $77.32 a barrel, due to a supply problem in Venezuela, where state-owned oil company tried to unload their products of approximately 24 million barrels, expecting to be conveyed to clients.

Moreover, continuing voluntary output reductions led by producer cartel OPEC boosted WTI crude contracts by almost 2% at $65.95 a barrel.


From June 8-12, maintenance is scheduled for the Teesside gas terminal, and all fields which provide St Fergus NSMP are offline until June 23. Consequently, NBP spot price edged 0.4% up at 57 p/therm, whereas the contract price for Q3 2018 delivery settled 2.3% higher at 55.63 p/therm.

On Thursday, European prompt power prices fell because of lower demand indications which outweigh reduced renewable supply.


The Germany baseload price for Friday delivery slipped by 0.4% to end at 49.4 euros/MWh. Furthermore, the French equivalent contract for Friday delivery lost 4.2% to close at 49.68 euros/MWh.


Prices on the forward curve edged higher on Thursday tracking the related carbon and fuels markets. The German Cal’ 19 baseload electricity price soared by 0.7% to end at 41.36 euros/MWh. The equivalent French contract for 2019 delivery had the same evolution, increasing slightly to 45.73 euros/MWh.


EU carbon contracts were slightly bullish on Thursday, failing, however, to gain more ground after a new strong session. The 2021-expiry contract price closed 0.4% higher at 17.01 euros a tonne.

Lukoil starts operations of two wells at D41 field in Baltic Sea

17/05/2019 08:51:00

LUKOIL has announced the commencement of commercial operation of two wells at D41 offshore field in the Baltic Sea.


Portugal to tender 1.35 GW of solar under new licensing rules

17/05/2019 08:45:00

Portugal's Minister of the Environment, Joao Matos Fernandes, said the government will auction 1.35 GW of solar capacity now that the licensing regime has been changed to allow that.


Daily (16.05.2019): British forward gas prices rose by almost 2% on Wednesday, tracking the bullish trend in oil prices

16/05/2019 10:36:00

Crude oil prices rose on Wednesday, due to the conflict in the Middle East that could disturb global supplies. Meanwhile, a surprise rise in U.S. crude stocks limited the gains. Brent crude climbed by 0.7% to $71.77 a barrel, while WTI futures settled 0.4% up at $62.02 a barrel.