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UK’s Centrica to strike the first LNG deal with U.S.

Centrica, UK’s biggest household energy supplier envisages signing a long-term LNG import deal with U.S. companies, as UK is facing difficulties finding new natural gas supply sources to meet its increasing import demand as global price variations and new gas discoveries are favoring carrying the gas to Asia instead of Europe.

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Italian Eni to sell 1.7 million tonnes of LNG to Japan and South Korea

The Italian oil and gas giant Eni has inked a three-party deal with Korea Gas Corporation and Japan's Chubu Electric Power Company envisaging selling 1.7 million tonnes of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to Japan and South Korea between 2013 and 2017.

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GDF Suez: Income is expected to fall next year as demand slows due to economic crisis

GDF Suez, Europe’s largest utility by market value, has announced this week that income for next year will register a decrease as the economic crisis in the region slows demand. According to GDF Suez, European demand for natural gas is down 14% since 2010 while power by 25 %, so it plans to cut its share of profit from Europe and is looking to double LNG sales to emerging markets.

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Ukraine to build its first LNG terminal

Ukraine started the construction of its first LNG terminal near the Black Sea port, in Odessa region. According to the Ukrainian government officials, the LNG terminal may then cover from 30 to 50 % of Ukraine's domestic demand for gas.

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EU may not need Nabucco project

The Nabucco pipeline is a project that would supply gas to Europe, reducing the region's dependence on Russian gas, but with US LNG exports, the European Union may not need the Caspian gas, as there are three main reasons that US LNG are more attractive:

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