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COVID-19: Iberdrola ‘will stick to 9GW expansion plan’

Renewables heavyweight Iberdrola will stick to its investment strategy to build 9GW of new capacity over the coming years and is accelerating €3.8bn in procurement orders to support the supply chain during the COVID-19 pandemic.

read more... 03/04/2020


Poland State Gas Distributor Says It Wins $1.5 Billion From Russia's Gazprom In Price Dispute

Poland’s largest distributor of natural gas has announced it won a years-long energy-supply price dispute with Russia’s state-run Gazprom worth $1.5 billion at an international arbitration court in Sweden.

read more... 31/03/2020


Oil Price Crash Could Wipe Out $131 Billion In New Projects

The double supply-demand shock in the oil market could lead to companies deferring as much as $131 billion worth of oil and gas projects slated for approval in 2020, with everyone in the industry--from Big Oil to the small players--is feeling the pain of the oil price crash and looks to weather the storm.

read more... 25/03/2020


Daily (24.03.2020): NBP spot fell by 7% amid weak demand and supply glut

Crude oil prices ended higher in a volatile session on Monday, after Fed announced extensive new measures to support the economy crippled by the coronavirus. Moreover,the U.S. indicated the possibility of an alliance with Saudi Arabia to stabilize prices. However, the sentiment remains bearish on worries about economic recession.

read more... 24/03/2020


German hydrogen pipeline planned to aid green industry shift

A group of gas grid operators, oil and utility firms is planning a 130-kilometre hydrogen pipeline to supply industrial customers in north-west Germany, Open Grid Europe (OGE) said.

read more... 19/03/2020