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Zero-carbon sources overtake fossil fuel for UK power generation

On 21 June the National Grid announced zero-carbon sources had overtaken fossil fuels as a power source in the UK for the first time since the Industrial Revolution.

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Britain commits to goal of net zero carbon emissions by 2050

British Prime Minister Theresa May set a goal for the nation to reach net zero carbon emissions within about 30 years - the 1st major economy in the world to set that kind of goal.

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Daily (12.06.2019): EU carbon prices dropped by almost 1% due to a weaker energy complex

Oil prices were flat on Tuesday, amid uncertainty regarding the agreement of Saudi Arabia and Russia to extend a crude output-cutting deal. Meanwhile, U.S.-China trade tensions continue to put pressure on demand for crude. As a result, Brent crude remained untraded at $62.29, while WTI futures edged 0.02% higher at $53.27 a barrel.

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Finland commits to carbon neutrality by 2035

Finland has committed to achieving a carbon neutrality by 2035.

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Shell Plans South Africa Oil Expansion With Second Deal

Royal Dutch Shell Plc is planning to acquire an oil-block stake in a second deal in South Africa’s relatively unexplored waters, months after a major discovery by Total SA boosted the country’s hydrocarbon prospects.

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