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China to show a huge development in its wind power sector

According to a recently released report of the Chinese Wind Energy Association, China increased its wind power capacity to 44.7 GW in 2010 moving the country to the first globally place followed by USA.

read more... 28/04/2011


DONG joins to Gazprom in a power deal

Denmark's DONG Energy and Russia’s giant Gazprom signed on Tuesday an agreement to establish cooperation in gas-fired power generation in Europe.

read more... 27/04/2011


National Laboratory for clean energy to be opened in China

A National Laboratory for clean energy is expected to be opened in September in a maritime city in the Northeastern part of the Chinese Province of Liaoning. The laboratory activity will be focused on research of petroleum, natural gas, biomass energy, hydro energy, power storage and other areas.

read more... 22/04/2011


Chevron to develop one of the largest CPV facilities in New Mexico

One of the largest concentrating photovoltaic solar power facilities of the USA will be built in the North of New Mexico (in Questa) with high solar irradiation potential and will represent the unique solar power generation source in that region.

read more... 21/04/2011


China to double its wind power capacity by 2015

According to the Wind Energy Association, China becomes world leader with its 44,700 MW of installed wind capacity and aims to double its wind power capacity to 90,000 MW until 2015.

read more... 20/04/2011