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Senegal has awarded two solar projects to ENGIE and Meridiam

Senegal’s Electricity Sector Regulation Commission (CRSE) has chosen ENGIE and investment partner Meridiam as favourite bidders for two solar projects with a total capacity of 60 MW.

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Spain's Grupo T-Solar signed a deal to acquire 100 MW of CSP

Spanish solar power producer Grupo T-Solar has inked deal to purchase two concentrated solar power (CSP) plants in Spain with an overall capacity of 100 MW.

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Daily (19.03.2018):  German spot power price tumbled by 86.4% as thermal and solar capacity became available

Oil prices spiked by almost 2% on Friday as tensions in the Middle East are set to rise following Mohammed bin Salman’s statement, Saudi Arabia's crown prince, on readiness of his country to obtain nuke if Iran develops its own.

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General Electric inks an accord for up to 410 MW of wind projects in Turkey

General Electric signed a deal with Turkey's Fina Enerji on Monday to co-operate on eight potential wind projects in Turkey that will provide up to 410 MW of capacity by the end of 2020.

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China to strictly control new solar capacity expansion and boost tech innovation

China will strictly control the future expansion of solar power generation capacity and encourage more innovation, to enhance technology and reduce production costs in its rapidly-growing solar sector.

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