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Daily (25.09.2019): Crude oil prices fell over 2.3% on Tuesday, due to pessimistic China-U.S. negotiations and weaker global demand

Oil prices fell on Tuesday to their lowest levels since September 14, after U.S. president Donald Trump accused China of unfair trade practices. The decline in stock markets and lower manufacturing activity in Europe also weighed on prices. Hence, Brent crude decreased by 2.6% to close at $63.10 a barrel, while WTI futures lost 2.3% to end at $57.29 a barrel.

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Daily (24.09.2019): European day-ahead power prices soared by almost 40% due to weaker renewables output and colder weather

Oil prices stabilized on Monday, after gaining 7% last week, following the declaration of Saudi Arabia to restore full output by next week. Brent crude rose by 0.8% to close at $64.77 a barrel, while WTI futures surged by 1% to end at $58.64 a barrel.

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Daily (23.09.2019): NBP spot rose by nearly 4% on Friday, on expectations for colder weather and reduced gas flows to Europe

Crude oil prices edged lower on Friday, as investors are worried about the trade war between U.S. and China. Hence, Brent crude traded 0.2% down at $64.28 a barrel, while WTI futures slipped by 0.1% to $58.09.

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Daily (20.09.2019): NBP spot fell by nearly 3% on Thursday, as low wind and reduced French power output boosted gas-for-power demand

Crude oil prices turned bullish on Thursday, as traders started to doubt whether Saudi Arabia will be able to fulfill its pledge to restore lost production by September 30 and its capacity by November 30 after last weekend’s attack. Geopolitical risks were the main driver in the price rise, as the market await further reactions from Saudi Arabia and the U.S., which strive at building a peaceful coalition rather than engaging in a military action. A weaker U.S. dollar also supported prices. Brent crude rose by 1.3% to 64.40 USD/bbl, while WTI futures were rather steady at 58.13 USD/bbl.

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Daily (19.09.2019): French year-ahead power price surged by 4% on Wednesday, amid eased French nuclear reactor worries

Crude oil prices continued to fall on Wednesday, as U.S. President chose to impose substantially increased sanctions rather than military action against Iran, while expressing U.S. readiness for the second measure. Further pressure came from Saudi Arabia’s commitment to bring its oil production back to pre-attack levels by the end of September. A surprise build in the U.S. crude inventories last week put more pressure on prices. As a result, Brent crude dropped by 1.5% to 63.60 USD/bbl, while WTI futures dipped by 2.1% to 58.11 USD/bbl.

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