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Daily (08.08.2019): Oil prices plummeted by over 4.5% on Wednesday, due to a buildup in U.S crudes stockpiles and China-U.S. trade war

Oil prices decreased on Wednesday reaching a seven-month low, following a surprise accumulation in U.S. crude stockpiles. Moreover, worries that oil demand will shrink due to China – U.S. escalating trade war also put pressure on prices. Hence, Brent crude fell by 4.6% to $56.23 a barrel, while WTI futures traded 4.7% lower at $51.09 a barrel

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Daily (07.08.2019): NBP spot plunged by 12.8% on Tuesday, due to rising production at the Bacton and Teesside facilities

Crude oil prices declined on Tuesday, on worries about the U.S. China trade war that might weigh on the global crude demand. Consequently, Brent crude dropped by 1.5% to $58.94 a barrel, while WTI futures decreased by 1.9% to $53.63 a barrel.

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Daily (06.08.2019): Brent crude declined by 3.4% on Monday, due to trade war concerns between China and U.S.

Crude oil prices extended losses on Monday, after U.S. President Donald Trump threatened to impose more tariffs on China, which could dent crude demand. As a result, Brent crude traded 3.4% lower at $59.81 a barrel, while WTI futures dropped by 1.7% to $56.78 a barrel.

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Daily (05.08.2019): WTI futures jumped by 3.2% on Friday, as the market digests Donald Trump’s intention to raise tariffs on Chinese goods.

Crude oil prices reversed trend adding gains on Friday, after the sharpest daily drop in more than three years in previous session, as the market is still uncertain about the impact of Donald’s Trump intention to slash more tariffs on Chinese goods. As a result, Brent crude jumped by 2.3% to $61.89 a barrel, while WTI futures climbed by 3.2% to $55.66 a barrel.

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Daily (02.08.2019): Oil prices plunged by over 7% on Thursday, as Donald Trump announced an extra 10% tariff on Chinese goods

Crude oil prices plummeted on Thursday to its lowest levels in about seven weeks, as U.S. President Donald Trump plans to implement an additional 10% tariff on Chinese imports from the September 1 of this year. Consequently, Brent crude traded 7.2% lower at $60.50 a barrel, while WTI futures declined by 7.9% to $53.95 a barrel.

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