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Aker BP plans early startup at Norway's Aerfugl gas field

Oil and gas firm Aker BP will accelerate the startup of production from Norway’s Aerfugl natural gas field, the company said on Monday.

read more... 11/11/2019


EV battery gigafactory in Poland granted €250m

The €2.8bn LG Chem facility in Wrocław is expected to have a total production capacity of around 65GWh to 70GWh a year by 2022

read more... 08/11/2019


Indonesia Seeks to Expand Green Fuel Production to 100% by 2022

Nusa Dua. Djoko Siswanto, secretary general of the National Energy Committee, said Indonesia is developing green fuel as an end-product of palm oil, to reduce the country's reliance on costly oil imports.

read more... 04/11/2019


Azerbaijan to keep oil output flat, raise gas production in 2020

Azerbaijan plans to keep its oil output flat, while increasing natural gas production in 2020, its draft budget obtained by Reuters on Thursday showed.

read more... 25/10/2019


KORE Power plans 10-GWh battery production plant in US

US energy storage solutions provider KORE Power on Tuesday unveiled plans to build a US factory that will produce lithium-ion batteries for its Mark 1 energy storage systems.

read more... 23/10/2019