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OPEC expects more demand for its oil next year.

The world demand for OPEC's oil is expected to be higher next year, due to increasing rates of economic growth.

read more... 12/11/2010


Europe natural gas demand seems to recover.

European natural gas demand could increase this year, recovering last year's decrease, but the forecasts for natural gas suppliers still remain uncertain.

read more... 11/11/2010


The prices of diesel barge flows, decrease in France

Spot premiums on diesel barges decreased on Thursday in response to the gain in benchmark ICE gas oil futures prices and a potential drop in demand for barge flows into France.

read more... 01/11/2010


Oil price to increase sooner rather than later

Oil might reach $100 per barrel in the future due to Chinese increasing oil demand and a weakening dollar.

read more... 25/10/2010


CEZ’s nuclear expansion delayed by a weak electricity demand

Czech power utility CEZ has made some modifications in its cash-flow management policy in order to avoid the increase of indebtedness as fast as in the past.

read more... 14/10/2010