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The Italian power demand in August dropped by 2.5%

The power demand in Italy for August month dropped 2.5% arriving at 24.7 billion KWh, caused by cooler weather, according to the Italian grid operator Terna on Monday.

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Gas prices in Britain dropped because of the delay of Transitgas

Gas prices in Britain dropped after the aggressive selling of the contracts, according to the traders, and because of the weak demand in the nearby markets, since the news release about the delay of the Swiss-Italian connection Transitgas until the end of 2010.

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European energy market overview 08.10.2010

Oil price drops below $81 per barrel on weakening demand from US and China economies, the largest oil consumers. China July imports fell 17 percent comparing to June.

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Abundant nuclear supply reduces power prices in Europe

European electricity prices fell sharply on abundant supply and low demand.

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The Iberian power prices are falling on weather forecasts

Spain electricity demand eases on lower temperatures

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