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Lufkin to build its first plant in Romania

Lufkin, an American oilfield and power transmission products supplier, announced its intention to build a production plant near Romanian oil center, Ploiesti.

read more... 14/07/2010


Swiss authorities maintain the supplement for renewables at 0.45

The supplement for the renewable electricity in 2011 will be 0.45 Swiss cents, the same as in 2010. The supplement is paid by the consumers with the aim to finance the government green energy incentives to boost renewable production.

read more... 09/07/2010


New record for renewable energy in Spain

Spanish renewable electricity settled a new record, reaching 40% of total national electricity production in the last 6 months.

read more... 06/07/2010


GDF Suez intends to buy electricity from EDF at 35 Euro per MWh

GDF Suez intends to purchase nuclear-generated electricity from its rival EDF for the price as low as 35 euros per MWh, if the law forces EDF to sell a quarter of its nuclear power production.

read more... 02/07/2010


France power production recovers after unions strike

France suffered a 7,000 MW power output cut during massive demonstrations of union members all over the country on Thursday, including 6,000 MW losses in nuclear sector.

read more... 28/06/2010