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Daily (05.05.2020): British gas prices firmed on Monday amid a short system, higher exports and bullish oil markets

Crude oil futures edged higher on Monday as more countries unveiled they would begin easing coronavirus lockdowns and after the production quotas for the main oil exporting countries entered into force at the end of last week. Hence, Brent crude for July delivery soared by 76 cents, or 2.9%, to settle at $27.20 a barrel. At the same time, U.S. WTI crude surged by 61 cents, or 3%, to settle at $20.39 a barrel.

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Daily (30.04.2020) Brent crude soared by 10% due to a drop in U.S oil and gasoline stocks

Crude futures soared on Wednesday, stimulated by a fall in U.S crude stocks and gasoline inventories. As a result, Brent crude jumped by 10.1% to $22.54 a barrel. WTI futures ended 22% higher at $15.06 a barrel.

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Wind power edges out gas in Ireland

Wind energy was Ireland’s number one source of electricity throughout Q1 2020, according to government data.

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EU gas forwards to hit fresh record lows – analysts

European gas forwards, which slumped to record lows on Friday, are set to fall further as robust piped and LNG supplies compete for market share at least until the third quarter, analysts said.

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GAS – Prices slump to fresh multi-year lows

European gas contracts slumped to fresh multi-year lows on Monday as the market continued to be heavily oversupplied with the coronavirus pandemic compounding a global glut amid a lack of industrial demand.

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