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GE completes the wind farm in Fere-Champenoise, France, with a 45MW capacity

A wind farm was completed in Fere-Champenoise, (the most suitable region in France for the development of wind turbines technologies), one of GE’s most important projects that will help France reach its energy generation target of 23 percent from wind turbines by 2020.

read more... 12/01/2011


New biofuel breakthrough.

Dynamic Fuels opened a plant with a capacity of 75 million gallons that turns animal fat into renewable diesel.

read more... 10/12/2010


GE establishing itself further on the Brazilian wind market.

Brazil, which is currently the wind energy leader in Latin America, is looking to further develop its wind sector as part of its 2010 Alternative Energy Auctions, thus GE announced the commitment of four developers in supplying an added total of 400 megawatts of wind power to Brazil’s current energy capacity.

read more... 08/12/2010


U.K.’s National Grid - expansion of LNG import terminal.

U.K.’s National Grid announced the startup of the company’s Isle of grain LNG import terminal in Kent, near London with an extended capacity of over 50 percent.

read more... 07/12/2010


Blooming solar market in Italy.

Italy, the third biggest solar market in Europe is likely to achieve its 2020 goal in as early as 2014 by hitting 8,000 MW of installed photovoltaic capacity.

read more... 26/11/2010