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Oil and gas production in Italy estimated to increase in 2010

Italy, the country depending very much on oil and gas imports due to insufficient natural resources, expects its domestic hydrocarbons production to increase this year, according to Industry Ministry Undersecretary Stefano Saglia on Thursday.

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A carbon tax to be set in the European Union

The European Commission proposed a “tax carbon” on road transport, buildings and agriculture as part of the new directive regarding energy taxation, which would be approved only if the member states of the European Union unanimously agreed on.

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Enel Green Power to expand its green energy in Latin America

Enel Green Power, the largest renewable energy company in Italy, is going to build a hydropower plant of 84 MW in Guatemala, which will generate 370 million KWh of power annually, thus reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 280,000 tonnes.

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Nordic power prices up

Nordic electricity forward prices increased, being caused by high power and coal prices in Germany, as well as stable prices for carbon emissions.

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France and Italy impose carbon tariffs

French President Nicolas Sarkozy and Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi asked the European Union to impose carbon tariffs on the countries which are not part of a global agreement to reduce greenhouse gases, an idea which was not approved by other EU members.

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