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Luxembourg gets ready for 800 new charging stations

French power utility Engie and Powerdale will supply to Luxembourg 800 public electric power charging stations by 2020, as stated by Engie on Monday.

read more... 09/08/2016


ENGIE to close the door of Twinerg combined-cycle gas turbine

French energy giant Engie decided to close the 385-MW Twinerg combined-cycle gas turbine by October 2016, following a similar decision by EDF Luminus to dismantle four of its gas-fired power plants.

read more... 19/07/2016


Engie will acquire electricity from Equitix renewable plant in Wales

French utility Engie will acquire all the power produced by Equitix's renewable energy electricity plant in Wrexham, north Wales, when it starts operations in 2018, as it declared on Thursday.

read more... 15/07/2016


French Engie considers potential closure of its Hazelwood coal-fired power plant in Australia

French utility Engie, the operator of giant Hazelwood coal-fired power plant in Australia, mulls closing or sale of the unity, but the state government insists "no decision has been made".

read more... 26/05/2016


Red card for Engie: Suspected of selling gas at below cost

The French competition authority required the energy company Engie (ex-GDF Suez) on Monday to increase its natural gas prices for companies, blaming that the company is selling gas at below cost, harming competition.

read more... 04/05/2016