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Europe registers a 39% jump in renewable power demand

As stated in a report by the Association of Issuing Bodies (AIB), Europe’s demand for power has rocketed by nearly 39% in comparison to last year. The contributing factor to this rise is the escalation of the number of people that have acquired renewable energy contracts through Guarantees of Origin.

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Cadent Gas to propose hydrogen to the North West gas grid

British gas distribution network Cadent Gas revealed that it intends to launch hydrogen into the North West England gas network, with the intention to revolutionize the energy system and decarbonize heat.

read more... 10/08/2017


Global Infrastructure Partners to acquire DONG’s stakes in offshore wind project

DONG Energy is interested in selling its 50% stake in the 450MW Borkum Riffgrund wind farm in Germany. Global Infrastructure Partners (GIP) is interested in buying the share for €1.17 million.

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Nordlink cable works underway as first portion is installed on the Vollesfjord seabed

The NordLink cable work is underway, with the first few kilometers of cable having been laid on the Vollesfjord seafloor in southern Norway.

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Renewable power accounted for nearly 90% of Europe’s new power in 2016

Renewable power sources added to the European electricity grid accounted for nearly 90% of last year’s new power, which is a sign of the continent’s transition to clean energy.

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