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Marine energy firm secures £10.3m wave of EU funding

A wave technology company has secured funding worth £10.3 million from the EU for a demonstration project.

read more... 20/09/2018


‘Half of Belgium’s power to be renewable by 2030’

Half of Belgium’s power will be provided by non-hydro renewables by 2030, filling the gap left by nuclear plant closures.

read more... 13/09/2018


Scotland to step up its investments in clean energy

Scotland has announced it is stepping up its investments in clean energy to become a high-innovation, low carbon economy.

read more... 07/09/2018


Europe breaks million EV milestone

Europe is now home to more than a million electric vehicles (EVs).

read more... 30/08/2018


Major cities vow to make new buildings carbon neutral by 2030

Leaders of 19 cities have pledged to ensure all new buildings are carbon neutral by 2030.

read more... 24/08/2018