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UK: E.ON solar panels with battery storage could cut electricity bills

German utility E.ON declared on Wednesday that it launched a combined solar panel and battery storage energy product for British clients that could half electricity bills.

read more... 20/04/2017


Denmark: Skærbæk Power Station switches from gas to green energy production

DONG Energy’s Skærbæk Power Station - one of the world’s most efficient power stations, located at Skærbæk on the northern side of Kolding Fiord is preparing to become a green energy supplier, switching to sustainable wood chips. The first shipment of 3,546 tonnes of wood chips is the first of several before the power station can start its production of green energy.

read more... 05/04/2017


ENGIE inks renewable energy projects agreements in Asia-Pacific region

Engie, the electric utility company based in France, last week inked 8 agreements to provide modern solutions for clean energy projects in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia.

read more... 03/04/2017


Coal mine in Germany to be converted into a hydroelectric battery

RAG AG-owned Prosper-Haniel hard coal mine, located in the German state of North-Rhine Westphalia, will be transformed into a big battery that stores excess solar and wind energy.

read more... 23/03/2017


US: Wind energy - TOP Renewable electric resource

American Wind Energy Association has recently stated that wind power has surpassed hydroelectric power becoming no.1 renewable electric resource in U.S., making wind power the fourth major electric energy source after natural gas, coal, and nuclear energy.

read more... 16/03/2017