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EBRD will provide €150,000 for green solutions in Serbia

The EBRD has launched a new scheme to allocate €150,000 (£132,000) to encourage Serbian small businesses develop and implement high-tech climate-friendly solutions.

read more... 19/03/2018


German utility agreement transforms coal veteran RWE into green giant

Germany's major power producer is grabbing onto a lifeline from the green energy business in the utility industry's biggest change in years.

read more... 14/03/2018


Israel aims to eliminate by 2030 the use of coal, gasoline and diesel

Israel's energy minister declared that the country aims to phase out coal and eliminate gasoline and diesel fuel by 2030.

read more... 01/03/2018


Renewable gas could save Europe €140 billion annually

The smart use of green gas is necessary for Europe to reach its climate targets and could save around €140 billion (£124 billion) every year.

read more... 23/02/2018


BP: Electric vehicles will reduce oil consumption

The development of self-driving electric cars and travel sharing might reduce oil usage by 2040, as declared by oil and gas giant BP, which also predicted a peak in demand for the first time.

read more... 22/02/2018