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Poland's electricity network is ready for potential heatwave

Poland's energy ministry declared on Monday, that the country’s electricity network would be able to deal with a possible heatwave this summer.

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UK: Ofgem will reduce subsidies for small power generators

Britain’s energy regulator Ofgem declared on Tuesday it will cut subsidies to several small electricity producers that offer back-up during peak demand. According to Ofgem, this move would reduce household electricity bills by around 20 pounds a year, since the cost of the subsidies is included in overall network fees charged to power companies, which these pass on to consumers.

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Russia envisaged Siemens turbines for Crimean plants

Russia has revealed for the first time it has envisaged to install equipment produced by German company Siemens in two new power plants in Crimea, a project that has been affected by difficulties due to European trade sanctions.

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Summer heatwaves will test electricity grids in Italy and Poland

Sustained heatwaves this summer might create problems for Italian and Polish power networks, potentially causing interruption to supply, but many of other grids in Europe seem to be ready, an electricity network lobby group warned on Wednesday.

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RTE: France has enough electricity supply for summer to meet demand

France will produce enough power during the summer to meet demand, even during continued heat waves, and will remain a net power exporter, as stated by electricity grid network operator RTE on Tuesday.

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