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Polish utilities aim to increase thermal coal imports, while US coal is not pricing in

According to market sources, Polish power utilities aim to import more seaborne thermal coal because of weaker levels of domestic production.

read more... 16/03/2018


Spanish union desires 2050 extension for domestic coal power plants

One of Spain's biggest industry unions, UGT has strongly recommended the Spanish government to ensure the survival to 2050 of coal burning power plants.

read more... 15/03/2018


Eurasian Development Bank will back coal production in Kazakhstan

The Eurasian Development Bank (EDB) and Bogatyr Komir company inked a loan accord to fund Bogatyr Komir’s investment program aiming to modernize coal generation processes at the Bogatyr mine.

read more... 23/02/2018


France plans to phase out coal by 2021

France made known about its intention to shut down all coal-fired power plants by 2021 to strengthen its stance in the fight against climate change.

read more... 29/01/2018


UK government announces plan to close coal plants

One of the UK’s eight remaining coal power stations is likely to stop producing power this year, according to a statement made by the government. The UK representatives laid out new regulations that will oblige all the plants to close by 2025.

read more... 09/01/2018