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Netherlands will unlikely shut down coal plants soon

The leader of the Green Left party in the Netherlands declared on Friday that he did not consider that the nation's coal-fired power plants would shut down by the end of the next governing period.

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India abandons 14GW of coal as solar price drops

India has annulled plans to install approximately 14GW of coal generation as solar prices drop.

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Poland: Enea will spend around 500 mln zlotys to meet EU coal plant rules

Poland's state-run utility Enea will have to spend around 500 million zlotys ($134.22 million) to make most of its electricity stations compliant with the European Union's latest air quality requirements, as stated by Enea's chief executive on Thursday.

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EFT in search of associates in Bosnian 300 MW coal power plant

UK-based but Serbian-operated Energy Financing Team (EFT) declared on Monday it was seeking a strategic associate in its 300-megawatt (MW) coal-fired power plant and mine in Bosnia, the first privately-financed energy project in the Balkans.

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Large coal power plants threatened by EU pollutant limits

Severer European Union pollutant restrictions might lead to costly modernizations or the shutdown of one third of Europe's large-scale coal power plant capacity, as indicated in a report by the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) on Monday.

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