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Lack of customers drives Spanish coal mine to close down

The La Escondida coal mine was shut down on Friday. The last-of-its-kind project was located in the Caballed de Arriba town, and was closed down because no one wanted to buy its coal.

read more... 15/08/2017


Ukraine to receive 700,000 metric tons of coal from the U.S.

Ukraine signed for the first time an agreement with the United States, which will supply the nation with around 700,000 metric tons of coal by the end of this year, in a move to reduce its dependence on Russian energy.

read more... 07/08/2017


Coal mining companies risk $16 billion due to climate change

A new study from the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) concluded that major coal mining companies find themselves at risk of losing $16 billion (£12.3bn) due to climate change.

read more... 24/07/2017


Drax accelerates plans for coal conversion to gas

Britain's Drax, which once owned Europe's most polluting coal-fired power plant, is accelerating plans to transform one of its six units to gas and could offer for a capacity contract as early as 2019, as stated by its chief executive on Wednesday.

read more... 20/07/2017


Coal mining companies struggle to deal with carbon emissions

The new report from the Transition Pathway Initiative (TPI) concluded that many coal mining companies find themselves having a hard time keeping their businesses up to par due to climate change and rising levels of carbon emissions.

read more... 13/07/2017