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Energy Contract Management 


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Efficient way to manage your power & gas contracts with enhanced capabilities


Full Automatic Reporting

Each individual contract along with the entire portfolio is linked to EMP's energy market database and updated automatically

Supply contract formula

Consumption data


ECM is part of Customer Page 


Each company has its methodologies EMP can adapt its solutions according to customer's needs 


for Consultants & Utilities

The key numbers behind your spending always up to date with the latest market data and positions purchased

Energy portfolio management

  • Available 24/7, cloud based 
  • Multi site / multi country capabilities
  • Cross currency & unit automatic conversion

  • Clean and simple with the key numbers that matter for you

  • Customer based flexible calculation methodologies

  • Detailed automated reporting for all portfolio contracts

  • Always updated with the latest market data 

  • Drastically reduce manual work

With an intuitive and easy to use tool, power & gas contracts can easily be managed even in big and complex portfolios

What makes it so powerful?

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