UK: E.ON solar panels with battery storage could cut electricity bills

20/04/2017 10:25 Renewable


German utility E.ON declared on Wednesday that it launched a combined solar panel and battery storage energy product for British clients that could half electricity bills. 

UK government are putting pressure on British energy providers to find ways to cut electricity bills for their customers after five of the top 6 UK energy suppliers, including E.ON, substantially increased prices this year.


E.ON is initiating the first stage of the solar project in central England. E.ON’s clients could introduce their details online to calculate the solar panels and battery unit cost depending on the size of their home.


According to E.ON’s estimations, solar panels on a shade free roof combined with the battery units could save customers around 300 pounds a year or 50% of average electricity bills, or savings of 560 pounds per year are possible in case customers sign up to the government's feed-in-tariff incentive scheme for renewable electricity producers.


According to E.ON, the company is working with several battery and solar panel manufacturers and intends to roll out the new products to many of its clients later in the year 2017.

Russia aims strategic energy partnership with China

21/11/2017 16:13:00

Russian oil giant Rosneft has signed an agreement with Chinese company CEFC Energy, aiming crude oil supply. The accord is based on a long-term deal inked between parties earlier. The delivery will start next year.


The boost of low-cost renewables changes EU energy expectations for 2030

21/11/2017 13:54:00

The accelerated fall in wind and solar energy costs, and flexible demand technology could substitute more than 50% of coal and gas generated electricity in Europe by 2030, as indicated in a recent research published on Tuesday.


Bosnia inks a 60-million-euro loan agreement with KfW bank for Hrgud wind farm

21/11/2017 11:32:00

Bosnia's finance minister Vjekoslav Bevanda inked an agreement with German development bank KfW on Wednesday to financially back the construction of the Hrgud 48 MW wind farm. The loan is estimated at 60 million euros ($69.6 million). ​​​​​​​