Turkey's wind energy capacity attains almost 7GW

08/02/2018 16:17 Wind


According to the President of Turkish Wind Energy Association (TUREB) Mustafa Serdar Ataseven, Turkey’s wind energy installed capacity reached 6,872 megawatts (MW) - an additional increase of 766 MW in 2017.

Turkey's wind energy capacity was boosted last year and is expected to increase further. 80 percent of the overall wind power plants are situated in the Aegean and Marmara regions of the country.

With the newly awarded pre-licenses, TUREB’s head also explained that Turkey will be able to use areas where wind energy potential is not as sufficiently leveraged as previously awarded tenders, known as “secondary wind potential areas.”

Wind energy pre-licenses of 2,130 megawatts were completed in late December 2017 over a five-day period. The pre-license tenders were distributed to 32 different projects in four regions across Turkey.

In the previous tender that took place in late June 2017, more than 200 renewable energy companies competed for a total amount of 710 MW of wind capacity throughout the country, with pre-license tenders being completed over a three-day period.

Inspired by the success of these wind energy tenders launched by Turkey's first Renewable Energy Resource Zone Project (YEKA), Ataseven Energy division revealed their intention to build a turbine factory in the Aegean region to meet the growing domestic and international demand. 

A Siemens Gamesa - Turkerler - Kalyon consortium won the first 1,000 MW wind tender offered by Turkey's YEKA.

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