Tanzania Mkuju River mining project suspended

11/07/2017 10:48 Nuclear


The international mining company owned by the Russian corporation Rosatom stated that, after proper negotiations and consultations, its subsidiary, Mantra Tanzania, is ready to halt all activity surrounding the Mkuju River project due to the depressed market price all over the world.

It is a common tactic in mining to put off projects until the stabilization of market prices, which the company wants to do with the permission of the Tanzanian government.


A spokesman for the company said that mining in current conditions is futile, and will do the country and its people no good. 


River Project became the first uranium mine to receive a license from Tanzania’s ministry of energy, and adheres to all laws and regulations, both Tanzanian and international.

Overhead powerlines to be implemented into the Autobahn for freight cars

15/08/2017 09:00:00

A new powerless project for freight cars is being developed by Siemens for the German Autobahn. The eHighway project aims to boost the viability of freight cars in a real-world environment.


Ireland: ESB will launch UK energy supplier this year

14/08/2017 15:09:00

Irish utility ESB is getting ready to launch an energy supplier in Britain later this year, accessing a highly competitive market that is also under inspection from government after the competition regulator found consumers were overcharged billions of pounds.


Daily (14.08.2017): British wholesale gas prices rose on Friday due to an unplanned outage

14/08/2017 10:52:00

Oil prices increased on Friday, following the IEA’s report which stated that crude oil stockpiles were now below 2016 levels. The agency also raised its 2017 demand growth forecast in its previous monthly report and declared it expected demand to be further expanded next year. Despite the strong demand, markets remain well-supplied thanks to strong output. Brent rose by almost 0.4% to close at $52.10 a barrel, while WTI price rose by around 0.5% to end at $48.82 a barrel.