Scottish scientists obtained hydrogen from tidal energy for the first time

15/09/2017 14:01 Renewable


A Scottish research and demonstration centre declared being the first in producing the hydrogen gas from the tidal energy. 

The 25th of August significantly marked the energy and environmental fields, as the scientists from the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) discovered a possibility to replace the polluting fossil fuels with zero-pollution gas.    


The Scotrenewables’ SR2000, Tocardo’s TFS and T2 turbine, converters of tidal energy, supplied power to an electrolyser which consequently used its energy for dividing water into its chemical elements - hydrogen and oxygen.


The £3 million project was backed by the Scottish Government.

Cuadrilla completes drilling of second horizontal shale gas well in UK

18/07/2018 09:21:00

This second horizontal well, drilled through the Upper Bowland shale at an approximate depth of 2,100m below the surface, extends laterally for some 750 metres through the shale gas reservoir.


Vitol, Low Carbon target offshore

18/07/2018 09:14:00

Vitol has committed the €200m and the partners said the fund may also offer opportunities for third-party investors in the future.


Daily (17.07.2018): Brent crude price slumped by more than 4% on Monday, as Libyan ports relaunched

17/07/2018 12:01:00

Oil prices plummeted on Monday, as ports in Libya resumed their activity and traders count on a boost in supply from Russia and other producers. Brent crude tumbled by 4.6% to $71.84 a barrel, its lowest level since the middle of April. Meanwhile, WTI crude slumped by 4.2% to end at $68.06 a barrel.