Russian firm bought Siemens turbines for Crimea

10/07/2017 08:05 Electricity Market


The Russian government-owned company Technopromexport bought four electricity turbines for the power plants it is building from the aftermarket. 

According to some sources with knowledge of the delivery, Russia bought turbines made by Germany’s Siemens, and had distributed them to Crimea, a zone regulated to European Union sanctions forbidding EU firms from equipping it with energy technology.


The activity surrounding the turbines might expose the German firm to allegations of insufficient safeguards to ensure its equipment doesn’t end up on unlawfully annexed territory.

Technopromexport didn’t say whether Russia has bought any energy equipment from the aftermarket, or who made them. The company did say that the equipment has been upgraded by specialized Russian factories, and that it failed to reach common ground with Iranian company MAPNA regarding the acquisition of their turbines.


After the region was annexed to Russia in 2014, President Vladimir Putin vowed to ensure a reliable power supply for the district’s dwellers, so the building of power plants has become an important project ever since. 

The Siemens-made turbines are a critical part because Russian firms can’t produce equally good machinery on their own, and they are the only ones that fit into the groundwork already laid for the power plants.

Daily (11.10.2017): EU carbon contracts hit the highest level in a month on Tuesday

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Reliance on coal to be dramatically reduced in Taiyuan, China

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Taiyuan, the major producer of coal in the northern part of China, has prohibited the sale, transport and use of coal, as it intends to diminish air pollution, the state news agency Xinhua declared on Monday.


Eni draws its attention to Crete oil and gas exploration

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Italy’s Eni is examining Crete’s sites as Greece intends to initiate its offshore oil and gas development.