Siemens supplies power turbines to Russian company Technopromexport

17/03/2017 11:06 Natural Gas


Germany's Siemens supplied four gas turbines to Technopromexport’s power plant in Russia.

Under the deal, the turbines are likely to be used on Russia’s Taman peninsula.


This deal brought attention in August last year when it was speculated that these turbines could be used in Russian-occupied Ukrainian territory of Crimea for building power plants in that area.


The transaction could encounter opposition from the EU since it has forbidden European individuals and companies to provide energy technology to Crimea through established sanctions. Siemens argued that no agreement has been broken given that Taman peninsula is part of Russian Federation.


Technopromexport organized a tender in 2016 to find potential bidders which could build the Taman power plant, but no offers have been received.

Hinkley Point could be the single new nuclear plant

21/06/2017 16:16:00

The manager of one of Britain’s major utilities declared on Monday that EDF’s scheduled Hinkley Point nuclear power station is likely to remain the only one to continue in the UK.


Poland's electricity network is ready for potential heatwave

21/06/2017 11:33:00

Poland's energy ministry declared on Monday, that the country’s electricity network would be able to deal with a possible heatwave this summer.


Netherlands: Extra measures required to meet 2020 greenhouse gas reduction targets

21/06/2017 11:13:00

The government of Netherlands declared on Monday it would meet its objective to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 25% in the year 2020 from 1990s level, only if extra measures will be taken.