Reliance on coal makes Czechs Europe's fifth biggest CO2 polluters

12/12/2018 09:03 CO2


Despite the latest UN report on climate change, which warns that global warming will be far greater than expected, surveys suggest Czechs don’t feel personally responsible for the problem.

Under the Paris Agreement, the Czech Republic has pledged to lower greenhouse emissions by 40 percent by 2030 and according to the minister of environment, Richard Brabec, the country is on its way to fulfilling these commitments.


Nevertheless, the Czech Republic continues to be one of the biggest polluters in Europe, releasing nearly ten tons of greenhouse gases per person into the environment last year. Vojtěch Kotecký is an expert on environmental issues from the think-tank Glopolis:


“Czechia is one of the leading European polluters when it comes to carbon emission and the key reason is coal power. The Czech Republic still produces about half of its electricity from coal and most of the power plants contribute heavily to the massive pollution in some parts of the country.”


The country’s heavy reliance on coal has been highlighted by the Carbon Majors report for 2017, which listed Czech coal-fired power plants and heat plants among the world’s 100 biggest environmental polluters.


Aker energy strikes oil offshore Ghana

11/01/2019 09:23:00

Norwegian oil company Aker Energy announced Thursday that it has struck oil offshore Ghana with a resource volume potential of up to 1 billion barrels of oil equivalent, according to a company statement.


Daily (10.01.2019): WTI crude jumped by over 5% on U.S.-China trade negotiations optimism

10/01/2019 11:53:00

Oil prices soared on Wednesday on optimism that the U.S.-China trade talks extended into the extra third day could ease tensions. The ongoing crude output cuts by OPEC, aimed at reducing an emerging glut, also supported prices. Brent crude rose sharply by 4.7% to $61.44 a barrel, while WTI futures surged by 5.2% to $52.36 a barrel.


InfraRed Capital to acquire 1.5GW solar portfolio in Spain from Progressum

10/01/2019 09:18:00

UK-based InfraRed Capital Partners has agreed to acquire a 1.5GW solar photovoltaic portfolio in Spain from Progressum Energy Developments for an undisclosed price.