Polish and German TSOs submit a project to convey natural gas from Poland to Germany

23/10/2017 10:40 Natural Gas


Poland's natural gas transmission system operator Gas-System submit a proposal for increasing gas capacity on the interconnection between Poland and Germany to allow gas transportation to the German GASPOOL network.  


The proposal was drafted jointly by Gas-System and German TSO Ontrans, and would create a project of 3.6 million euros ($4.2 million) to allow the transportation of 2,025,676 kWh/h (4.5 million cu m/d) of gas from Poland to Germany.


Gaz-System reveals that the demand for increasing capacity from Poland to Gaspool was shown in a non-binding market demand evaluation completed between April and May.


Recently, the main transmission route at the interconnection of 1.5 billion cubic meters yearly volume at Lasow has been from Germany to Poland. In mid-2016 Poland installed a 5 billion cubic meters/year LNG terminal close to the German frontier at Swinoujscie and the nation's state-run gas incumbent, PGNiG, expects to boost imports through the terminal.


The higher capacity would be expanded with already existing capacity at the interconnection point. It would take about 30 months to fulfill the investment. The proposal is enrolled in two months of public consultations. 

Daily (18.07.2018): German spot power price dropped by almost 5% on Tuesday, on stronger wind generation and reduced demand

18/07/2018 11:28:00

Oil prices increased on Tuesday, due to a decline in stocks and as two of four processing terminals in Venezuela are likely to close because of scheduled maintenance this month. Brent crude rose by 0.5% to $72.16 a barrel. However, WTI crude was almost steady at $68.08 a barrel.


China set to fully control Portugal’s power grid amid Europe’s inertia

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China is set to make further inroads into European infrastructure, as a state-owned company attempts to gain full control of Portugal’s power grid.


Cuadrilla completes drilling of second horizontal shale gas well in UK

18/07/2018 09:21:00

This second horizontal well, drilled through the Upper Bowland shale at an approximate depth of 2,100m below the surface, extends laterally for some 750 metres through the shale gas reservoir.