LitPol power link to be employed for electricity trade with Sweden

19/04/2017 11:19 Electricity Market


The LitPol Link electricity interconnection between Poland and Lithuania will be ready to be used for electricity trade between Sweden and Lithuania starting from July 2017.

The LitPol Link represents an electricity link between the Baltic transmission system (part of the IPS/UPS system) and an important grid of Continental Europe. The first stage of the project was launched in 2016 and had a capacity potential of 500 MW.


Electricity trade with Sweden is now accomplished through the 700 MW NordBalt interconnection.


Starting from July, more exchanges between the Lithuanian bidding area and Sweden's forth bidding area will be possible through SwePol and LitPol Link when the NordBalt capacity is entirely utilized.


LitPol Link functioned at less than 50% of its capacity in the first half of 2016 and it could not be used at all for two-thirds of the time. The link could be used more efficiently, but capacity limitations enforced by the Polish operator PSE prevented Lithuania from acquiring low-priced electricity, as stated by Virbickas last July.


The average capacity at which power was conducted through the link from Poland to Lithuania in 1st half 2016 reached 221 MW.

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