Kyrgyzstan signs deal for construction of two hydropower projects with Czech Republic

11/07/2017 09:45 Hydro


Kyrgyzstan has signed a contract with the Czech Republic company Liglass Trading regarding the construction and management of the hydropower plants Akbulun HPP and Naryn HPP-1 in the Upper Naryn cascade. 

The cascade was originally intended for the construction of four hydropower units - Akbulun HPP and Naryn HPP-1, Naryn HPP-2 and Naryn HPP-3. Liglass Trading is ready to fund $230 million for the development of Akbulun HPP and Naryn HPP-1. After their completion, Liglass Trading will be ready to invest in the remaining two units - Naryn HPP-2 and Naryn HPP-3.

The 237 megawatt cascade was designed to produce 942 million kilowatt hours annually, although the numbers might prove to be variable, as is the entire cost of the project, which might vary between $400 million to more than $700 million. 

Kyrgyzstan’s president Almazbek Atambayev intents to export power to neighboring countries, especially Afghanistan and Pakistan.

South west England will have nuclear contracts valued at £50 billion

11/12/2017 16:31:00

Nuclear Industry Association (NIA) considers that over the next 20 years, there will be at least £50 billion nuclear contracts signed in the south west of England.


Russia starts a massive gas project in the Arctic

11/12/2017 16:12:00

Russia started its Yamal gas unit, a huge project in one of the most isolated regions in the world, as this is becoming more accessible because of climate change.


China to build the largest floating solar project in the world

11/12/2017 13:21:00

A unit of China Three Gorges is constructing the world’s biggest floating solar plant estimated at 1 billion yuan (US$151 million), located in the country’s eastern province of Anhui.