Italy declares state of emergency following a gas blast in Austria

13/12/2017 15:40 Natural Gas


After an explosion at a main gas hub near Vienna, Europe might deal with gas shortages. 

Baumgarten region, where the blast took place, represents the main distribution and reception center for gas exports and imports, including from Russia, Europe’s major gas supplier. 

In Italy, where rain, snow and extreme cold weather caused traffic problems in the north-east over the last few days, the industry minister expressed his concerns and declared a state of emergency in Italy because of deficit in gas supplies.

According to a spokesman from Austrian police, the explosion in the north-east of Vienna has occurred due to a technical problem. Fire brigades worked until early afternoon to stop fires caused by the blast.

Carlo Calenda, the Italian industry minister, said the nations could deal with a major energy supply problem and highlighted the need to develop the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP). The project is designed to offer Italy a new supply path, but has been postponed by protests.


The Italian wholesale day-ahead price jumped by 97% to a record peak of €47 per megawatt hour. Gas prices in Europe hiked on worries about supply.

Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia and Slovenia are among other countries directly affected.

Daily (12.10.2018): NBP spot price plummeted by almost 9% on Thursday, due to an oversupplied system

12/10/2018 11:24:00

Oil crude prices ended lower on Thursday, following a drop in global stock markets, as the Dow Jones took its biggest plunge since February on Wednesday. Moreover, the investor sentiment was affected by an industry report, which revealed an unexpected rise in U.S. crude oil supply. Consequently, the WTI crude closed 3% down at $70.97 a barrel, while Brent oil fell by 3.4% to $80.26 a barrel. 


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Solar power will prove an important technology in stopping power outages across Europe in coming years.


Gas pipeline project is one of top priority projects for EU – Minister Joe Mizzi

12/10/2018 09:29:00

The Malta-Sicily gas pipeline is one of the top priority projects for the EU as it aims at ending Malta’s gas isolation, said Minister for Energy and Water Management Joe Mizzi during the World Energy Summit currently being held in Milan, Italy.