Israel aims to eliminate by 2030 the use of coal, gasoline and diesel

01/03/2018 16:48 Renewable


Israel's energy minister declared that the country aims to phase out coal and eliminate gasoline and diesel fuel by 2030.

Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz said that the country's manufacturing and transportation industries will be 100% fueled  by natural gas, power and alternative fuels within the next 12 years. Also, the official iterated that from 2030 onward, Israel will create alternatives and will no longer support the import of cars that run on gasoline and diesel fuel.

Steinitz is conscious that the move may disturb energy and fuel companies, but he emphasized that Israel's 2030 goal will be implemented nevertheless.

Israel obtains about 70 percent of its power from natural gas. The rest comes primarily from coal. That's a significant difference compared to five years ago when more than half of Israel's electricity was ensured by coal.

Steinitz said the government “abolished the strategy of diversification of fuels” to have natural gas as its only fuel source for electricity production.


He also revealed that it is a historic opportunity for Israel to become one of the first Western countries in which energy is generated with zero pollution and harm the environment.

Daily(13.07.2018): NBP spot price fell by 2.5% on Thursday due to expectations for lower demand

13/07/2018 11:21:00

Oil prices were mixed on Thursday, spurred by news that the U.S. market has been undersupplied due to the loss of some Canadian oil production. Brent crude surged by 1.4% to $74.45 a barrel. Meanwhile, WTI crude edged 0.1% lower at $70.33 a barrel, as inventories at the Cushing delivery hub had fallen by almost 1M barrels.


Siemens shines for Vietnam solar

13/07/2018 09:38:00

Siemens has won an electrical balance of plant contract to supply systems to Trung Nam Group for a 258MW solar farm in Vietnam.


Savannah makes oil discovery at Kunama-1 exploration well in Niger

13/07/2018 09:13:00

The oil find at the Kunama-1 well, which was drilled by the GW 215 Rig to a total measured depth of 2,460m, marks the firm’s third consecutive discovery in its maiden exploration campaign in the R3 portion of the R3/R4 PSC Area in ARB.