Germany and California combine their efforts in achieving climate goals

13/06/2017 10:21 Renewable


Germany will cooperate with California on climate change goals after the U.S. President Donald Trump's decision earlier this month to withdraw from the 2015 Paris agreement, which was condemned by world leaders and many in the industry. 

Germany and California will jointly support the work of the "Under 2 Coalition" climate group, according to German Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks.


The "Under 2 Coalition" includes cities, regional governments, and states heading towards net-zero emissions 2050.
California Governor Edmund Brown's agreement with Germany came just days after he met with leaders in Beijing to expand his state’s climate partnership with China. 

Panasonic and Toyota create first car with solar panel

17/07/2017 14:39:00

Panasonic Corporation has started producing 180-watt solar cells that can be installed on the roof of a car. The cells have been used to mass-produce the first car with a solar panel on its roof.


Daily (17.07.2017): EU carbon prices increased by 1.1% on Friday

17/07/2017 10:36:00

Oil prices edged higher in rough trading on Friday, boosted by a report from the IEA that demand growth is accelerating and that oil stocks had fallen. The IEA raised its demand estimate for the Q2, while it reduced its figure for non-OPEC supply. Consequently, the oil market showed a vast deficit last quarter. Both, Brent crude and WTI prices rose by 1% to close at $48.91 a barrel and $46.54 a barrel respectively.


France government ordered to clean up air pollution

17/07/2017 09:50:00

New order from France’s Conseil d’État binds the government to redress the nation’s air pollution levels by 31st March 2018.