German ministry is against regional bans on diesel cars

14/06/2017 15:44 Legislation


Germany's transport ministry is opposing the ban on diesel cars at the regional level as a means of tackling air pollution.

The federal government has received a report that local authorities in Munich are planning to introduce diesel cars interdiction. "Driving bans are the wrong political approach," mentioned the Ministry spokesman at a news conference on Wednesday.


Munich's mayor declared on Wednesday that the city, with headquarters of German carmaker BMW, is considering to interdict diesel vehicles in the Bavarian capital to improve air quality, as the engines produce "shocking" nitrogen oxides emissions.

Russian project will lack EU financing in consequence of US sanctions

14/09/2017 16:22:00

The Austrian OMV CEO stated that US sanctions will have a serious impact on big Russian projects. OMV is one of the investors in the Nord Stream-2 trans-Baltic gas pipeline project.


North Sea wind group enlarged with one more gas grid operator

14/09/2017 14:53:00

Gasunie, the gas grid operator in the Netherlands, will become a part of the North Sea Wind Power Hub conglomerate.


(13.09.2017): Weekly Energy Market Review at a Glance

14/09/2017 13:09:00

Here's a quick snapshot of the main energy indicators in the last 7 days.