German KBA watchdog agency to examine Porsche Cayenne diesel emissions

14/06/2017 14:15 CO2


Diesel models of Volkswagen's sports car maker Porsche test results showed much higher emissions than legally allowed, German weekly Der Spiegel reported recently. 

The head of testing at German TUV Nord test institute, Helge Schmidt, declared, that emission levels for the Porsche Cayenne V6 TDI under normal driving conditions were higher than legally allowed limits.


The German Transport Ministry has ordered the KBA watchdog agency to reexamine the Porsche emissions, a ministry spokesman declared on Monday. 


Porsche company claims it didn’t understand the test results saying that emissions depend on conditions such as engine load, speed and temperature.

Daily (23.11.2017): Oil prices hit a two-year peak on Wednesday

23/11/2017 11:03:00

Oil prices hit a two-year peak on Wednesday after the closure of one of the largest crude pipelines from Canada reduced supply to the United States.


French and Swiss nuclear sites affected by quality assurance problems

22/11/2017 17:02:00

France and Switzerland have been affected by quality assessment issues. EDF Group stated that Areva had found out that quality control deviations occur on specific rods, which meant the provider was incapable to demonstrate that quality control to prove that the leak tightness of those rods had been properly carried out.


British Petroleum decided to sell North Sea assets to Serica Energy

22/11/2017 14:20:00

British Petroleum decided to sell its oil and gas assets in North Sea to Serica Energy in an agreement estimated at £300 million.