French nuclear power production reaches 40 GW on reactor boost

27/10/2017 12:52 Nuclear


French nuclear output strikes 40 GW on Thursday for the first time since the 2nd of October. At least three reactors grow their production and some seven more reactors are likely to restart back next week, according to data presented by the nuclear operator EDF and grid operator RTE.

The provisional shutdown of the Tricastin nuclear power plant demanded by the ASN, French nuclear safety regulator, reviews of Le Creusot and operational maintenance postponements lowered the nuclear production this month. EDF relaunched its 1.3 GW Paluel-4 nuclear reactor on Sunday after receiving the permission from regulation agency.

However, EDF postponed the planned return dates for two of its 900-MW units at Gravelines. EDF's current infrastructure management plans are moving forward against a very sharp progress of nuclear units with some 15-scheduled reactor returns gathered over the next three weeks.

According to Radio France report, the work to re-enforce the danger protection of the Tricastin plant from a possible tsunami triggered by a very strong earthquake are going ahead and are planned to be accomplished on the 31st of October. The earthquake turning into tsunami risk represented the reason for ASN requesting a shutdown of the plant.


EDF operates France's 58 reactors and after two record years in production in 2014 and 2015 faced difficulties regarding extensive interruptions in 2016 and 2017. Last month, EDF was again forced to reduce its nuclear production goal for 2017 by another 5 TWh to a range of 385-392 TWh mainly due to the Tricastin outage. 

French electricity prices for November baseload delivery, which rose from below Eur55/MWh late September to more than Eur70/MWh mid-October, have decreased to around Eur60/MWh this week, as indicated by Platts pricing data. 

Daily (12.07.2018): Brent crude plummeted by almost 7% on Wednesday, on news that Libya would increase output

12/07/2018 13:00:00

Oil prices slumped on Wednesday, on concerns of increasing trade tensions between two world’s major economies - United States and China. Brent crude tumbled by 6.9% to $73.40 a barrel, following the news that four ports in Libya would ease back in the game. Meanwhile, WTI crude traded 5% lower at $70.38 a barrel.


Electric vehicles could lift UK peak power demand by 5-8 gigawatts by 2030: National Grid

12/07/2018 09:58:00

The growing use of electric vehicles could increase peak electricity demand in Britain by between 5 and 8 gigawatts (GW) by 2030, National Grid said on Thursday.


Gazprom, Uzbekneftegaz discuss Shakhpakhty gas field production

12/07/2018 09:45:00

Russian gas monopoly Gazprom and national holding company Uzbekneftegaz have discussed the bilateral cooperation between the companies, focusing on the joint development of the Shakhpakhty field in the former Soviet republic.