France will go beyond its targets to combat climate change

14/06/2017 13:56 CO2


According to government spokesman Christophe Castaner, France's new President Emmanuel Macron and Ecology Minister Nicolas Hulot, France will go beyond the targets within the framework of the Paris agreement. A detailed list of policy actions would lay out climate changes for the next 5 years and will show where France will exceed its previous commitments.

The government will also open a web page to attract climate change researchers from the US and other countries as well as companies involved in climate-linked innovation to France, Castaner said.


Non-governmental organizations, businesses, and researchers were called on Tuesday to present proposals on a carbon floor price, climate finance and development of renewable energy to curb French dependence on nuclear power.

French and Swiss nuclear sites affected by quality assurance problems

22/11/2017 17:02:00

France and Switzerland have been affected by quality assessment issues. EDF Group stated that Areva had found out that quality control deviations occur on specific rods, which meant the provider was incapable to demonstrate that quality control to prove that the leak tightness of those rods had been properly carried out.


British Petroleum decided to sell North Sea assets to Serica Energy

22/11/2017 14:20:00

British Petroleum decided to sell its oil and gas assets in North Sea to Serica Energy in an agreement estimated at £300 million.


Belgium commits €1 million to IRENA for climate issues

22/11/2017 13:32:00

The Walloon government in Belgium pledged €1 million financing to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) for renewable power aid in the framework of the government’s plan to fight climate change under National Determined Contributions.