France to end sales of fossil fuel cars by 2040

10/07/2017 10:27 Diesel/Gasoline


At a presentation regarding the Paris climate agreement, Ecology Minister Nicolas Hulot said that France aims to terminate sales of cars fueled by gasoline and diesel by 2040, and become carbon neutral 10 years after that.

Hulot presented a list of actions under six topics and 23 policy proposals that Macron is eager to implement after U.S. president Donald Trump bailed on the agreement in June this year.

Hulot said that proposals such as this seem “radical” but it would force them to make the necessary investments, and that French car manufacturers are up to the task. Gasoline and Diesel cars make up around 95.2% of the French new car sales for the current year, while electric and hybrid cars account for the remaining 4.7 percent.

The Ecology minister gave the example of Geely’s Volvo and their plan to start selling only electric cars starting 2019, and that even though France lags countries like Sweden and Costa Rica, France is still determined to end diesel and gas cars by 2040.

France aims to end coal-generated electricity production by 2022 and to reduce nuclear power generation to 50% by 2025 from over 75 percent at present, and will also restrict the production of palm oil in the production of biofuels to reduce indirect deforestation.

UK and Taiwan to reinforce energy trade connections

05/12/2017 16:43:00

Great Britain and Taiwan are aiming to reinforce their commercial ties in key domains such as energy.


Siemens will supply vessels serving the wind sector

05/12/2017 14:20:00

The ships serving the wind sector will be supplied by a new Siemens system in Germany.


Daily (05.12.2017): French spot power contract up by 43.2% on Monday, due to higher demand

05/12/2017 13:31:00

Oil prices dropped on Monday after U.S. shale drillers added last week more rigs, but prices remained close to their highest since mid-2015, buyout by an extension to output reductions agreed last week by OPEC and other producers. February Brent crude futures were down $1.28 at $63.11 a barrel. Meanwhile U.S. West Texas Intermediate traded 89 cents, or 1.5%, lower at $57.47.