First sections of a power cable between UK and Belgium installed

15/09/2017 13:51 Energy Market



The first segments of an electricity cable have been already installed on the sea depth this week to link the UK and Belgium.

The project might start operating in 2019, boosting Britain’s capacity to send or obtain power from the continent by 20 percent.

UK's National Grid and Belgium's Elia System Operator created a joint venture Nemo Link to fulfil the project of power interconnection between Britain and Belgium. 

The laying of 59 km subsea cable has already been kicked off in Kent (UK), while the work at the Belgian extremity will start in 2018. 

The total cable length will be 140 km of which 130 km will be under water.

The electricity generated will feed around 500,000 homes. 

Elia Chief Executive stated that the well-interconnected power network will offer advantages to the consumers, such as offering access to low-cost renewable energy and the possibility to export excess energy when needed. 

Still, there are serious concerns about the future of the project due to UK’s exit. 

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