Europe should follow France in reducing carbon emissions

09/02/2018 14:41 Renewable


Eddie O’Connor, the Founder and Chairman of Mainstream Renewable Power suggests that European countries should follow the advice given by French President Emmanuel Macron and cooperate to develop an interconnected energy market based on renewable energy instead of fossil fuels.  

He also said that establishing links between the states with a “super-grid” would enable the delivery of cheaper electricity to consumers across Europe and allow the continent and the EU to reach its climate targets.


This suggestion came from President Macron’s recent plan where he reveals his intentions to “ecologically transform” the continent. 

Mr. O’Connor also considers that this can be attained by getting an architect to design a “meshed grid” to operate as an “electric super-highway”, carrying electricity between countries. For example, the wind generation from Ireland could supply customers across Europe during stormy weather, while Spanish solar power could light up homes in Dublin during sunny times.

The Chairman declared: “Last year, for the first time ever, Europe generated more electricity from wind, solar and biomass than from coal. This is a clear sign that a transformation is underway, but we need to go further, faster.”

Recently, a new high power charging network for electric vehicles across European cities and motorways has been announced.

Daily (09.01.2019): German spot power contract was 15.9% higher on Tuesday on low wind output

09/01/2019 11:48:00

The strong upward evolution in oil prices on Tuesday was caused mainly by OPEC-led crude production cuts. The bullish trend was also backed by signs of progress in U.S.-China trade talks. Officials of the world’s two biggest economies expressed optimism on resolving the dispute. Brent crude soared by 2.4% to $58.72 a barrel, while WTI crude jumped by 2.6% to $49.78 a barrel.


Renewables power in German public supply tops 40% in 2018

09/01/2019 09:16:00

Renewables were responsible for 40.4% of Germany’s net electricity production on the public grid last year and ranked as the second largest power generation source, a new report shows.


BP approves $1.3bn expansion of Atlantis oil field in Gulf of Mexico

09/01/2019 09:10:00

BP has approved the $1.3bn phase 3 development of the Atlantis oil field located in deepwater Gulf of Mexico, offshore US.