Daily (19.04.2017): German spot power price up by 8% after Easter holiday

19/04/2017 10:10 Daily


Oil prices hit their lowest value of the last week on Tuesday on news that in May U.S. shale oil output is expected to have the biggest monthly increase in more than two years, fueling concerns that U.S. production growth is undermining efforts to cut oversupply.


Brent crude prices were down 0.85%, settling at $54.89 per barrel on Tuesday, while U.S. WTI crude prices slipped back by 0.46%, closing at $52.41 per barrel.


German spot power rose on Tuesday on the back of increased consumption after the Easter holiday.


The German baseload power contract for Wednesday delivery added almost 3 euros, or around 8%, to trade at 37.03 euros per megawatt-hour (MWh), the markets being closed over the Easter weekend.


Along the forward curve, the German Cal '18 benchmark price fell 26 cents, or 1.87%, to 29.94 euros/MWh, tracking oil and carbon prices.


Temperatures are expected to fall on Wednesday, by 0.8 degrees Celsius in Germany and by nearly 2 degrees in France, having affected French spot power prices, which jumped by 7.28% to close at 38.29 euros per MWh. Meanwhile, the electricity price in France for delivery in 2018 settled at 35.45 euros per MWh on Tuesday.


British wholesale gas prices strengthened slightly on Tuesday as demand rose above the seasonal expectations. St. Fergus gas terminal maintenance have also reduced system capacity. Win2017 contract price rose 1.83% at 47.31 p/therm. NBP spot price settled up 2.73 % comparing with the last closing price, arriving at 39.50 p/therm.


EU carbon emissions rights for Dec '18 delivery dropped by 1.8 percent at 4.90 euros per tonne.


Panasonic and Toyota create first car with solar panel

17/07/2017 14:39:00

Panasonic Corporation has started producing 180-watt solar cells that can be installed on the roof of a car. The cells have been used to mass-produce the first car with a solar panel on its roof.


Daily (17.07.2017): EU carbon prices increased by 1.1% on Friday

17/07/2017 10:36:00

Oil prices edged higher in rough trading on Friday, boosted by a report from the IEA that demand growth is accelerating and that oil stocks had fallen. The IEA raised its demand estimate for the Q2, while it reduced its figure for non-OPEC supply. Consequently, the oil market showed a vast deficit last quarter. Both, Brent crude and WTI prices rose by 1% to close at $48.91 a barrel and $46.54 a barrel respectively.


France government ordered to clean up air pollution

17/07/2017 09:50:00

New order from France’s Conseil d’État binds the government to redress the nation’s air pollution levels by 31st March 2018.