Daily (05.10.2018): NBP gas contract for delivery in 2019 traded 1.3% higher on Thursday despite lower consumption and a well-supplied system

05/10/2018 10:46 Daily


Oil crude prices lost momentum on Thursday, due to forecasts for an increase in production by Saudi Arabia and Russia. However, the price losses were tempered by the forthcoming U.S. sanctions on Iranian exports.

WTI crude closed 2.7% down at $74.33 a barrel, while Brent crude oil futures dropped by 2% to trade at $84.58 a barrel. 

British wholesale gas prices were mostly bullish on Thursday, despite a well-supplied system and a low demand because of better-than-expected weather forecasts. NBP spot price rose by 0.9% to 71.10 p/therm. Further along the curve, the November 2018 delivery contract settled 0.7% higher at 74.47 p/therm.

European spot electricity prices shed on Thursday, following an anticipated drop in electricity demand and a supply improvement in both, Germany and France.

The German power price for day-ahead delivery traded 7.4% down to settle at 60.30 EUR/MWh, due to warmer weather, and thus, a demand slip. Meanwhile, the equivalent contract in France lost 5.8% to end at 67.39 EUR/MWh, because of a dip in consumption and higher nuclear power availability.

Along the forward electricity curve, contracts slightly increased on Thursday, driven by higher gas and carbon emissions prices. The German 2019-delivery contract rose by 0.8% to settle at 55.35 EUR/MWh. Similarly, the French equivalent contract surged by 0.9% to close at 60.35 EUR/MWh.


European carbon contracts soared above 22 euros on Thursday, in another tempered session. The price for the contract expiring in 2019 was 0.8 % higher at 22.09 euros a tonne.

Turkey resumes oil import from Iran

10/01/2019 09:10:00

Turkey has resumed imports of Iranian crude oil under the U.S. sanctions waiver, according to the trading and shipping sources.


Daily (09.01.2019): German spot power contract was 15.9% higher on Tuesday on low wind output

09/01/2019 11:48:00

The strong upward evolution in oil prices on Tuesday was caused mainly by OPEC-led crude production cuts. The bullish trend was also backed by signs of progress in U.S.-China trade talks. Officials of the world’s two biggest economies expressed optimism on resolving the dispute. Brent crude soared by 2.4% to $58.72 a barrel, while WTI crude jumped by 2.6% to $49.78 a barrel.


Renewables power in German public supply tops 40% in 2018

09/01/2019 09:16:00

Renewables were responsible for 40.4% of Germany’s net electricity production on the public grid last year and ranked as the second largest power generation source, a new report shows.