Daily (02.03.2018): NBP spot gas price hiked by over 125% on Thursday due to freezing weather and high demand

02/03/2018 11:29 Daily


A retreating stock market and fears about rising U.S. crude output contributed to a fall in oil prices on Thursday to two-week lows. Brent crude declined by 3% to end at $63.83 a barrel. WTI futures dropped by 1.1% to close at $60.99 a barrel. 

British prompt gas prices jumped to their peaks in at least 10 years on Thursday as very cold weather boosted demand and outages at gas terminals limited imports. UK day-ahead gas price soared by 125.5% to settle at 230 p/therm. Summer 2018 delivery contract traded 0.1% higher at 42.51 p/therm.



German day-ahead power price hiked by 34.6 percent to end at 40.43 euros/MWh, in reply to an expected drop in wind power supply. The French equivalent contract edged 0.3% down at 84.05 euros/MWh. 

Further along the curve, electricity prices slipped on forecasts for warmer weather. German year-ahead power price shed 1% to 33.76 euros/MWh. Meanwhile, the French equivalent contract lost 0.6% to 39.03 euros/MWh. 

EU carbon prices slipped to around €10 level on Thursday, but did not change much from the previous session’s six-year peak, despite weak auction demand. The carbon contract expiring in 2019 settled 1.1% lower at 10.05 euros/tonne.

Daily (15.10.2018): The German spot power price fell by almost 21% on Friday, due to stronger wind generation and lower demand

15/10/2018 11:43:00

Oil prices were slightly higher of Friday, as the impact of the Hurricane Michael left several platforms in the Gulf of Mexico inactive, contributing to a drop in the U.S. crude production. Consequently, Brent crude closed 0.2% up at $80.43 a barrel.


Cuadrilla to start shale gas fracking in UK

15/10/2018 09:07:00

UK’s onshore oil and gas exploration company Cuadrilla is set to finally start hydraulic fracturing in Lancashire, northwest England, following a temporary setback Saturday due to weather conditions, Kallanish Energy reports.


Centrica trumpets distributed energy

15/10/2018 08:59:00

Distributed energy, including onsite generation and storage, could deliver potential carbon dioxide emission savings of 137 million tonnes by 2030 in the UK, according to a new report by Centrica.