Belgium considers new offshore wind area to reach its 4-GW objective

24/04/2018 15:49 Wind


Belgium promises to increase twofold its wind development area in the North Sea in compliance with the plan to expand its offshore wind capacity up to 4 GW soon. 


According to Philippe De Backer, secretary of state for fighting social fraud, privacy and the North Sea, another area of 221-sq-km will be made available after 2020, supplementing the country’s existing 225-sq-km zone off the coast of Zeebrugge. The new area will be located at a distance ranging from 35 km to 40 km in the sea and will not impede the view from the coastline.


By adding new zone for installing wind turbines, the government is trying to replace nuclear power capacity with renewable one, pursuing the country’s goal to increase green energy and eliminate nuclear power by 2025.


The government is also poised to offer new offshore wind capacity through public bids that will not be supported by state subsidies. Mr. De Backer mentioned as well that Belgium follows the same pattern that has successfully been implemented in the Netherlands and Germany. He also didn’t hesitate to note that the major obstacle represents the speed at which a grid connection for all that electricity can be built.

Daily (16.10.2018): EU carbon prices dropped by more than 9% in a weaker session on Monday as Brexit deal not reached yet

16/10/2018 11:23:00

Oil prices increased on Monday, backed by geopolitical tensions after the disappearance of a Saudi journalist, fueling supply worries from the world’s top crude exporter. The price increase was tempered nonetheless by long-term demand concerns. Therefore, Brent crude price rose by 0.4% to settle at $80.78 a barrel.


Romania has the lowest energy consumption in the EU

16/10/2018 09:03:00

Romania has the lowest energy consumption per capita in the European Union and needs to increase its domestic consumption by expanding distribution networks and investing in new natural gas-based power plants.


Scottish Power to use 100% wind power after sale to Drax

16/10/2018 08:57:00

Scottish Power will become the first major UK energy company to generate all its electricity from wind power instead of coal and gas, after selling its final gas and hydro stations to Drax.