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Energy Data

The data you need, when you need it

Whether you’re an energy manager, risk manager or analyst, the Energy Data Shooter solution allows you to save valuable time and effort. Take advantage of EnergyMarketPrice’s integrated technology, receive our market data on a regular basis and avoid laborious data category searches.

Fast and reliable

Fast and reliable distribution of EnergyMarketPrice's data stream directly to your database. The new XML format enables total integration of data feed in client's system.

  • Simplifies data access

  • Historical and reference data directly from our powerful database

  • Possibility to integrate feed into your proprietary systems

  • Flexible delivery options, meaning you can choose to receive your data via Excel, XML or CSV

Daily updated data for key energy markets in Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Australia


Crude oil spot and forward prices (M+1, Q+1, Y+1) 


Spot and forward prices (M+1, Q+1, Y+1) 

Natural Gas

Spot and forward prices (M+1, Q+1, Y+1) 


Spot and forward prices FOB and CIF, for ARA, Richards Bay and Henry Hub


CER and EUA certificates spot and forward prices

Automated, secure and flexible

Automated, secure and flexible integration among multiple systems

Successful data feed integration, safe and secure, with additional encryption if required, to ensure higher data protection

Reliable communication among multiple integrated systems

Flexible data feed integration, attained by means of customizable data formats which is convenient to use

Data Integration