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Daily (15.05.2018): Brent crude jumped by 1.4% on Monday, global oil oversupply almost eliminated

Oil prices soared on Monday after OPEC declared that the global oil oversupply has been virtually eliminated. Brent crude gained $1.11, or 1.4%, to end at $78.23 a barrel. WTI futures rose $0.26, or 0.4%, to close at $70.96 a barrel.

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Daily (14.05.2018): German year-ahead power price hit a new record on Friday due to bullish coal, gas and carbon markets

Oil prices declined on Friday, retreating after previous gains as U.S. allies are likely to insist in preserving an agreement with Iran, which could maintain country's crude exports on global markets. Brent crude was 35 cents, or 0.5% down at $77.12 a barrel. WTI futures lost 1% to close at $70.70 a barrel.

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Daily (11.05.2018): EU carbon contracts hit new 7-year peaks on Thursday following energy gains

Oil prices surged on Thursday, as US sanctions are most likely to affect oil flows from the major exporter Iran.

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Daily (10.05.2018): European year-ahead power prices surged to new peaks on Wednesday due to bullish energy complex

Oil prices jumped to new 3½-year highs on Wednesday following U.S. President Trump’s decision to abandon the nuclear deal with Iran and the announcement of stricter sanctions against the OPEC member. Brent crude added $2.36, or 3.2%, to end at $77.21 a barrel. WTI futures traded 3% higher at $71.14 a barrel.

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Daily (09.05.2018): WTI crude fell 2.4% on Tuesday after Trump’s announcement that U.S. will withdraw from Iran nuclear deal

Oil prices posted losses on Tuesday after Donald Trump’s announcement that the United States will withdraw from the 2015 Iran nuclear agreement. Brent crude dropped by $1.32, or 1.7 percent, to close at $74.85. WTI futures slumped by 2.4% to $69.06 a barrel.

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